Underlayment & Bathroom Additions…


Our best underlayment 200 Sq Ft Per Roll


This is one of our in-stock 3mm vapor barrier underlayment. It’s a top of the line vapor barrier, sound proofing, step softening, underlayment. Perfect for use with engineered floor, laminate, etc. Not for use with vinyl plank flooring.

Your low cost of $50 for 200 Sq Ft. Store pick up only.

Tecsun One Piece Toilet 1.28 Gal per flush



We also have in stock a Tecsun(as in Flooring Company) 1 Piece Toilet. This is a really nice product that features a 1.28 gal per flush(meets state standards)comes with a Silent Seat, wax seal, bolts and caps.

1 Year warranty on Internal Parts. $169.00 plus tax. Store Pick up only.




This is our 3 7/8” tall Base Moulding. It is made of MDF and is primed and comes in 16’ long pieces. Baseboards run along the wall at the floor, forming a visual foundation and protecting walls from kicks and bumps. They should be chosen to work in harmony with casings and other mouldings.



This is our 5” tall Base Moulding. It’s also made of MDF and is a primed product. This height gives you a beautiful line at the base of your wall and also helps cover any marks left while from previous wear.



Our 6’ Crown Moulding is a very popular size. Its simple elegance and high end look will add so much to your homes ceiling line. Crown moulding softens the transition from the wall to the ceiling while adding a distinctive look and charm to most rooms.

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