Frequently Asked Questions

Do you stock Custom Moulding?

Yes, we have 3 types in stock, 2 Base Mouldings 1-3 7/8” & 1-5” and 1-6” Crown

Are your Moulding Prices competitive?

Yes, we work hard to consistently provide you with the best pricing.

Can you order other styles of Moulding?

Yes, we have many examples in our showroom to view, once you have chosen a style & paid for the order, we usually have it the next day!

I want to have a “floating” wood floor, what does that mean?

It means that the floor is not glued to the substrate, but lies on a cushion of Underlayment.

How do I know that my floor is level?

We can only assess how level the floor is when all the current flooring is removed, then we can check level and will advise from that point if we need a leveling product.

How do I know the quantity of product to install?

We will be glad to come to your home and do a free estimate. We can give you a written estimate after that.

When is the best time to schedule an estimate?

We will let you know when we are available, but evenings and Saturday’s are best.

Does your showroom have home design ideas that we can look at?

Yes, and we are currently adding more design elements to view.

Do you carry waterproof flooring?

Yes, we carry Vinyl Flooring from Tecsun and Republic. While this is a newer product on the market, it is a very good product.

Do you carry various levels of wood flooring?

Yes, we carry Laminate to Engineered to Vinyl. We also have multiple vendors to offer different price points.


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